February’s Close Knit

Close Knit, Saturday 28th February 2-4pm 
The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Rusholme
Join us for a 16th Century “Wolf Hall” inspired knitting session!
We will be looking at an amazing piece of early knitting from the gallery’s collection: a hat preserved by the mud of the River Thames. This fascinating item resembles those hats worn by tradesmen in the 16th century and by Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII. Inspired by this highlight of the gallery’s collection, we will be creating similar hats of our own. 

Hope you can make it!  

Friendly adult sessions for beginners and experts. Needles and yarn are supplied but feel free to bring your own choice of DK yarn and 4mm standard needles (or a set of 4mm double pointed needles) if you’d prefer.

  1. Is there a pattern available for the hat worn by Thomas Cromwell? I;m dying for it!

    • We used a pattern that was similar to a beret. I recommend becoming a member of Ravelry (if you aren’t already) and searching the patterns for butcher boy hat, or even Thomas Cromwell hat. I’m sure you’ll find something similar. Our medieval hat looked like it was knitted on tiny needles!

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