May’s Lacy Close Knit

This month’s Close Knit took place on a lovely sunny day at the Gallery of Costume and was inspired by one of the beautiful dresses on display as part of the ‘Knitted Elegance’ exhibit. Alice Temperly designed the gorgeous black dress that uses lace knitting techniques to create a diamond motif in the bodice and arms, and a wave-like form in the skirt.

We used a similar stitch pattern to that used in the skirt, introducing the ‘yarn over’ (yo) stitch that is used in lace work to create decorative holes in the knit. The aim was to create a small pouch that could be used for a mobile phone, as a glasses case or, for the really fast knitters, a handy cover for their telescopes!

We were also lucky enough to have access to some of the pieces not on display in the gallery at the moment: two pairs of stunningly delicate socks knitted for a toddler around 1865. We must be one of the only a few knitting groups in the world who have such an amazing resource to draw on and inspire us!

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    • Mildred Finney
    • May 31st, 2013

    The dress looks wonderful. I am sorry I wasn’t able to make the May meeting, but I hope to be at the June one. I agree with your comment about the wonderful costumes that we have access to

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