December’s Festive Close Knit

December’s Close Knit took place in Manchester Art Gallery’s beautiful Pre-Raphaelite Gallery and was hosted by the gallery’s most skilled (and fastest!) knitter, Projects Assistant, Bev Hogg.

We were honoured to be surrounded by such inspirational art but managed to make ourselves at home to such an extent that many visitors found our group almost as interesting an exhibit as the paintings and sculptures! Some examples of fine Victorian knitting were on display for us to marvel at such intricate work.

Bev made up some excellent information sheets with interesting articles about Victorian patterns and Christmas traditions, and festive patterns were provided by Rachel of Art Yarn. They can all be downloaded via the links below.

Links to download the info sheets:

Cose Knit dec handout

Victorian knitting patterns

Christmas Traditions

Many thanks to all those of you who, over the last year, have made Close Knit Manchester such a dynamic, friendly and educational group! We have all learnt a lot, polished up our skills and enjoyed each other’s company. Looking forward to seeing you at  Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall at 2-4pm on the last Saturday of the month in 2013. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year one and all!

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