August’s Close Knit at Whitworth Art Gallery…

…was titled Geek Knits and saw us turning our needles to upcycling obsolete technologies. Andrea Lord of Manchester Craft Center’s &made led the session and soon had us stepping back in time choosing our favourite videos and audio cassettes.  These were to be used as yarn! Andrea inspired us all bringing in a really unique hold-all that she had knitted in videotape and a very stylish purse that she had enjoyed destroying an Eric Clapton tape to make! Here’s a few pictures from the day:

It was really enjoyable to knit with a new and unusual yarn and recycle some unplayable tapes-thanks Andrea! Now where did I put that Chorlton and the Wheelies video….?

Those of you that were able to attend Saturday’s session may have taken home copies of these vintage patterns that were available. For those of you who weren’t there, we are pleased to be able to share with you this small selection of Bestway and Weldon’s knitting patterns courtesy of IPC Media Ltd. The patterns date from 1910-1960 and are intended for use as a learning resource only. The varied collection consists of many patterns for men, women and children which also includes knitted accessories such as hats, gloves and even bags.
©IPC Media Ltd 2012.
©IPC Media Ltd 2012.
©IPC Media Ltd 2012.
©IPC Media Ltd 2012.
©IPC Media Ltd 2012.


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