‘The Art of Knitting’: April’s Close Knit at Whitworth Art Gallery

April’s Close Knit was another very well attended event with eighty or so of you coming along to knit in the Whitworth’s wonderfully spacious and airy South Gallery. We saw lots of new faces including a couple who had come all the way from Birmingham! In keeping with the venue, the theme of this month’s session was ‘The Art of Knitting’. We kicked off with a presentation by myself, Lucy Burscough, and looked at knitted pieces that had been created by artists as part of their fine art practice including yarn bombs and interactive knitted artworks. The pieces were grouped by the themes addressed by the artist in making them. These included

  • Ownership of public spaces
  • Protest
  • Questioning gender stereotypes
  • Making the world more beautiful
  • Inspiring debate
  • Responding to other’s artworks

The images from the presentation can be viewed in the slideshow below.

The practical aspect of the session saw us being inspired by pieces from  the Whitworth’s collection selected by Ed Watts, the gallery’s Adult Programme Coordinator. As artists often do, we responded to these artworks in our own (very wooly!) way and some fantastic transcriptions, additions and interpretations of the modern masterpieces were made. It is brilliant to see the creativity and humour of our knitters given full vent!

The worksheets from the day, the creative process and finished pieces can be seen below. Well done everyone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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