July’s Close Knit

26th July, Gallery of Cotume, Platt Hall, 2-4pm

Please come along as we spend some time with the Gallery of Costume Photographic Portrait Archive and look at how the Victorians spent their leisure and holiday time. As it is getting close to holiday season we’ll be making a great comfy eye mask to use on those flights, ferries, trains and coaches to catch a wink of sleep or escape from the other passengers for a while! Please come along, experts and beginners welcome!

June’s Close Knit

We had fun in June thinking about how clothing and knitted items offer us protection in various ways, from keeping the rain off to stopping us getting burnt fingers from hot kitchen items. We made quilted oven mitts and cup holders to prove the point!

June’s Session

Close Knit, 28th June, 2-4pm, Platt Hall
Hello folks. Saturday’s Close knit will be held this Saturday at the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Platt Fields. We will be exploring texture as we protect our dexterous digits and make a handy oven mit! Experts and beginners welcome.

May’s Close Knit

We had great fun at yesterday’s Close Knit session, as usual hosted by the Gallery of Costume in the wonderful Georgian building, Platt Hall. The sun was out and so we left knitting wearable items in favour of creating some lovely little purses. The pattern used a bobble rib stitch pattern to add interest and texture and to stretch (to the limit!) our ability to chat and follow a pattern at the same time. It was a very relaxing couple of hours and we all loved our purses!

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May’s Close Knit

Close Knit, The Gallery of Costume
Saturday 31st May, 2-4pm 
If looking after the pennies means the pounds will look after themselves, what will happen to the pounds when you pamper the pennies?! 
Join us at The Gallery of Costume this Saturday as we develop our knitting skills, explore the purses in the gallery’s collection and make ourselves (or a friend) a lovely little pocket purse. Beginners and experts welcome.

April’s Close Knit

Close Knit at The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Saturday 26th April, 2 till 4pm.
April’s Close Knit will focus on those wonderful knitting books that we all treasure! We will be looking at books from the Gallery of Costume’s reference collection and hope that you will bring in your favourites to share with the group. To celebrate our shared love of these brilliant resources we will be making a beautiful bookmark to treat ourselves and our books!

March’s Close Knit : Funky Fascinators!

A great session on Saturday creating sweet little fascinators for all those weddings we’ll no doubt be attending over the summer! We were really inspired by the fantastic collection of hats and fascinators on display in the Gallery of Costume. We had a great spread of embellishments to add to the knitted/crocheted bases and it was great fun putting them together and showing off the results!

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