April’s Close Knit

Close Knit at The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Saturday 26th April, 2 till 4pm.
April’s Close Knit will focus on those wonderful knitting books that we all treasure! We will be looking at books from the Gallery of Costume’s reference collection and hope that you will bring in your favourites to share with the group. To celebrate our shared love of these brilliant resources we will be making a beautiful bookmark to treat ourselves and our books!

March’s Close Knit : Funky Fascinators!

A great session on Saturday creating sweet little fascinators for all those weddings we’ll no doubt be attending over the summer! We were really inspired by the fantastic collection of hats and fascinators on display in the Gallery of Costume. We had a great spread of embellishments to add to the knitted/crocheted bases and it was great fun putting them together and showing off the results!

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March’s Close Knit

Close Knit, Saturday 29th March at The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall
The Gallery of Costume ‘s stunning collection of hats has some amazing and inspiring pieces. Come along and have a go at creating a fun fascinator as we go for glamour and show off our sophisticated chapeaux!
Please come along!

February’s Close Knit

February 22nd, 2-4 pm, The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall

Brrr ! It’s cold out so come indoors and let’s work on some cosy knits as we explore the Gallery of Costume’s collection to see how people used costume to keep warm in the bad old days days before central heating. We will brighten up the dreary weather with some hot colours drawn from Joana Vasconcelos’s ‘The Time Machine’ which is the must-see bright new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.

January’s Close Knit

January’s Close Knit workshop was dedicated to the Manchester Satellite Reef Project which is currently on display, and in progress, at the Manchester Museum.
There certainly was a super turn out, and it looks like crochet is getting popular, as 20 or so eager crafters turned out to take part and contribute to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project.



It was great to see the diversity of crochet pieces being made during the workshop, as well as watching those of you who turned up to learn and create your very own Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. Learner crocheters  learned how to chain stitch, make double and treble stitches and then used these new skills to create a free formed piece of crochet. The pro-crocheters amongst the group went on to to create some fabulous crochet work from the project pattern sheet and from their own pattern sources. We’re now looking forward to adding them into the project at the museum and watching the project grow and change once again.




If you haven’t already seen the Coral exhibition and Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project, there is plenty of time to visit the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road. And you can contribute to the project until March 2014.

November’s Close Knit

Slippers! Inspired by the wonderful shoes that make up part of the Gallery of Costume’s collection, November’s Close Knit got festive as we made slippers for snuggling down in over Christmas. Using spa slippers as a base together with a brilliant little i-cord knitting machine, we cut some corners but came out with all we needed to complete a quick pair of slippers at home!

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January 25th 2-4pm Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall.

A chance for our knitters to work with ArtYarn’s Rachael Gwilliam, learning  the joys of crochet  as we create some crochet coral for exhibiting on the Manchester Museum’s Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. This session will take place at the Gallery of Costume where we will have the opportunity to look at how similar natural forms are used as inspiration for fashion designers.



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